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Introduction to Clubs

The clubs will be the arena of’s events. A specific club will be made for each race/challenge. Successful registrants of each event will be invited to join the created club. Clubs are made to provide updates, monitor athletes’ progress, view their statistics, leaderboards and race/challenge results. Each athlete inside a club may also start a discussion, so that participants can interact to each other, just like in a physical race.


Joining a club benefits

This is the best way to connect with other athletes or participants of Besides the clubs that will be created for the races and challenges, anyone can be an admin of their own club, compete among yourselves, meet other athletes and expand your network. Athletes can interact, challenge and motivate each other. With these clubs, experienced athletes can share tips and experiences to others especially to those who are new to the sport.


All athletes whether runners, cyclists, duathletes or triathletes can be a part of a club.


How to create a group? Please click here.

*for the create a group link will send that separately

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